By achieving several goals you are awarded with badges. By getting a badge you are also awarded with an Amber and a XP-Bonus
Name Goal
Early adopter Play the Alpha
Badge - Famous (small) Famous Ranked up to Hero Level 5
Badge - Heroic (Small) Heroic Ranked up to Hero Level 15
Legendary Ranked up to Hero Level 30
Badge - I'm a Lumberjack (small) I'm a Lumberjack 10 Trees Chopped
Badge - And I'm Okay (small) And I'm Okay 100 Trees Chopped
Badge - I sleep all night (small) I sleep all night, and I work all day 1000 Trees Chopped
Badge - Chip on my shoulder (small) Chip on my shoulder 10 Rocks destroyed
Badge - Chip off the old block (small) Chip off the old block 100 Rocks destroyed
Badge - I rock (small) I Rock 1000 Rocks Destroyed
Badge - Hadrian (small) Hadrian Build 10 walls
Badge - Troy (small) Troy Build 100 walls
Badge - To the rescue (small) To the Rescue Win a campain
Badge - Not so Friendly (small) Not so friendly 10 Feral Wildlings Defeated
Badge - Off the Christmaslist (small) Off the Christmaslist 100 Feral Wildlings Defeated
Smelt the friendship bracelet 1000 Feral Wildlings Defeated

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