PolyCraft - Splash Marketplace

Marketplace and some Decoration-things to build

Decorations are purchased from the marketplace. You obtain the marketplace at the workshop. Building the marketplace is a quest given early in the game. Every decoration costs some amount of amber. Do note that nothing you place is refundable. 

Sageling StatueEdit

PolyCraft - Splash Sageling Statue

The Sageling Statue can be purchased here, and will give you 2500 XP. Costs 200 amber. Maximum of 1.

Seeds Edit


Decoration Marketplace

Tree Seeds and Stone Seeds can also be purchased here.

Where a Seed is planted, a new Tree or Stone will pop up there, and will remain permanently, like any other default stone or tree.

Each seed costs 100 amber. Maximum of 5 each.

Decorative FlagsEdit

Decorative flags can also be purchased from the marketplace for 10 amber.

Decorative Flag

Red Decorative Flag

When purchased, decorative flags are initially red. However, they can be turned blue, green, yellow, black, white, or purple by spending an additional 1 amber.

Decorative flags require 1 tile of space.

Lamps/Crystals Edit

Lamps and crystals can also be purchased here. Lamps and Crystals take up one tile.

The default color of crystals is yellow, but they can be changed to pink, red, green, blue, or purple with the cost of 1 amber.

Both lamps and crystals can be purchased with a stand, and serve the same function.

Tiles Edit

Tiles come in 2 shapes: Rounded and Square. They both cost 1 amber for each you place down. They take up one tile and can be used to make paths. Wildlings will use these paths, and so will the player if the player is walking (clicking to move). Maximum of 150 total.

Fountain Edit

The fountain serves only as a decoration, and costs 30 amber. However, there is a quest that asks you to buy a fountain from the decoration marketplace. Takes a 4x4 area of tiles.

Musical Gong & Town Bell Edit

The Musical Gong and the Town Bell are both decorations. They serve no purpose. They cost 30 amber per. Maximum of 5 each.

Flower Beds Edit

Each flower bed costs 10 amber and takes up 1 tile. Maximum of 20.