The player character, referred to as "Jeff", is the only human character in Polycraft.

Jeff is presumably a sailor who crashed into the island. After crashing, he wakes up, finds a gun among the remains of his cargo, and starts building a small civilization with the only living creatures on the island, the Wildlings. Jeff's weapon is a blunderbuss, which fires rounds that spread in a semicircle when fired. He can be upgraded at any of the four totems around the map using XP.

Attack Modes Edit

There are multiple attack modes in the game. Direct ones are shooting and charge attacking.

Shooting Edit

The obvious one is shooting at the enemy. First you should find a Weapon (Quest) then click on the enemy to shoot when you have a red mouse-icon you are on target. Jeff keeps shooting until the enemy is gone or far out of reach.

The speed of shooting/reloading, and also the damage can be upgraded with Totems.

Charge Attack Edit

Charge attack means running at/over the enemy. (Keep the mouse-button pressed and move the mouse over the play-field that way, that Jeff is running at/over an enemy.