Lumberling huts can be built with the Lumbermill.

Lumberlings will cut down trees and gather wood for you, and will work even when the player is not playing.

Exclamation mark

Upon re-entering the game, your Lumberling will be lying over in front of their hut with an exclamation mark over their head. Tapping the Lumberling will make them deposit their gathered resources into the HQ. The amount of lumber a lumberling can hold is dependant on their level.

As you level up the Lumberling huts, the Lumberling will get bigger and more decorated.

Level Cost Time Maximum Carry Capacity Maximum Storage Capacity Lumber

Collection Rate

1 10 2s
2 250 5min 300
3 500 15min 525
4 1000 1h 800
5 2500 4h 2000
6 5000 12h 4000 300
7 10000 24h 8000 400
8 25000 48h 12000 500