There are three kinds of resources in Polycraft; Lumber, Stone, and Amber.

Amber is a premium resource but can be regularly obtained in limited amounts in-game as well.

Collection Of ResourcesEdit

Lumber can be collected from trees, scattered around the island. Trees will regrow after a short period of time. Stone can likewise be collected from large rocks (boulders).

Amber can drop randomly when gathering resources.

Wood and stone can also be purchased from the Shop in packages of 10%, 50%, and Full storage capacity with Amber. Amber can be bought with real money (also from the shop).

Amber can be collected once every 23 hours from the Amber Chest. Collecting for the first time or after not collecting it for two days will give you 5 Amber. Collecting it two days in a row will give you 10 Amber while collecting 3 or more days in a row will produce 15 Amber.

One Amber is rewarded for each Quest completed, alongside the XP reward. Amberlings will drop an Amber on defeat during Feral Wildling attacks.

Amber also has a 50% chance of being found in mushrooms, which regenerate slowly, and can be found here and there around the island.

Trees and stones will also occasionally drop an amber in addition to the lumber/stone being collected.

Amber can be purchased in packs of 500 for $4.99, 2000 for $14.99, and 5000 for $29.99. You can also obtain one Amber each for clicking the Share buttons for Facebook and Twitter.  The Share buttons reset after a day or two.

Purchasing an Amber Well for $4.99 will allow you to collect an extra 100 Amber per day (one per player). 

Purchasing an Amber Crown for $0.99 will double all of your Amber gains, including amber found in the chest and well (one per player). 

Use of ResourcesEdit

Lumber and Stone are used to build and upgrade buildings and defenses.

Amber can be spent on decorations from the Decoration Marketplace, to build the Sageling Statue, to partially or fully fill up your stores of Lumber or Stone, to speed up construction and upgrades, to buy buildings and upgrades when you don't have enough resources, and to automatically level yourself up when you don't have any level-up points to spend on Totem Upgrades.