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The Totem of Technology.

Totems are the large purple rock structures found in the four corners of the map, as follows

  • Protection (Health)
  • Power (Weapons)
  • Totem

    The totem of pretection near the spawn, note the heart shaped stone and purple glow

    Agility (Speed)
  • Technology (Gathering)

Totem UpgradesEdit

Each totem has two unique upgrades, and the first one on each can only be upgraded after level five. The second one can be upgraded immediately.

  • Totem of Protection
    • Spirit of Fortitude: Increases damage resistance (LVL 5)
    •  Spirit of Heart: Increases health
  • Totem of Power
    • Spirit of Haste: Increases reload speed (LVL 5)
      Totem of power

      Totem of Power

      Totem of agility

      Totem of Agility

    • Spirit of Fire: Increases damage of weapon
  • Totem of Agility
    • Spirit of Labour: Increases carrying speed (LVL 5)
    • Spirit of Speed: Increases moving speed
  • Totem of Technology
    • Spirit of Might: Increases resource chop rate (LVL 5)
    • Spirit of Strength: Increases carrying capacity (normally goes up by 2's)