Stone Walls Edit

Walls or Stone Walls are part of the village's defense system, like Stone Towers and Gates. They can be built at the Workshop.

Tip: You can stack the stone walls on top of each other to save spaces around your HQ. However, this does not increase the stack's health and all the walls in the stack will be destroyed simultaneously if destroyed. The best way to use spare walls is to double layer by putting one in front of the other to increase security.

Visual Appearance Edit

Stone Walls

Stone Walls Stacked

Walls stacked on top of each other.

Values and Cost Edit

Level Health Cost (Stone)
1 50 100
2 75 500
3 100 2500
4 125 5000
5 250 10000
6 375 25000
7 500 50000
8 750 100000
9 250000