The workshop, note the smoke coming out of the chimney too

After the first tasks, you find a/the workshop, it's the central point of your village.

With the workshop you can build things like Headquarters , Lumber Mill, Stone Mill, Buildling Hut, Marketplace, Stone Towers, Walls and Gates and make repairs.

The more you upgrade it, the more you can build.

Level Walls Gates Stone Towers
1 100 8 2
2 100 8 2
3 150 12 4
4 150 12 4
5 200 20 6
6 200 20 6
7 250 ?

Walls, Gates and Stone Towers are build with Level 1 and have to be individually upgraded.

Decoration MarketplaceEdit

The Workshop is where you have the option to buy the Decoration Marketplace. The items you can get from the Decoration Marketplace are here.

Stone WallsEdit

Stone Walls will keep the Ferals at bay, until they are destroyed. The full page on Stone Walls is here.

Stone GatesEdit

Stone gates will open to friendly Wildlings, but will always turn away ferals. The full Stone Gate page is here.

Stone TowerEdit

Stone towers will attack ferals that slip past your Outpost. The full Stone Tower page is here.

Repair all BuildingsEdit

This will repair all buildings that have not been completely destroyed. This is a quick way to get your village to look normal again. Cost varies depending on the damage.


This option allows you to buy more buildlings so you can multitask. 

Buildling Cost (Amber)
2 250
3 500
4 1000
5 2000??

The full article on Buildlings is here .